Division 1 College Rankings, Lineups, Schedules, Recruiting, and Results

                       2015-16 NCAA DI Master Schedule

November 1st-Clarion Open (Clarion, Lock Haven, Virginia)  @ Clarion, Pennsylvania

November 1st-Daktronics Open (Nebraska, South Dakota State)  @ Brookings, South Dakota

November 1st-Northern Colorado Open (Northern Colorado, Wyoming)  @ Greeley, Colorado

November 1st-Binghamton @ Rutgers

November 2nd-Stanford @ Cal Poly

November 6th-Iowa State @ Virginia Tech

November 6th-Lehigh @ Bucknell

November 6th-Virginia @ North Dakota State

November 7th-Eastern Michigan Open (Eastern Michigan, Ohio State)  @ Ypsilanti, Michigan

November 7th-EMU Duals (Bloomsburg, Clarion, Eastern Michigan, Edinboro, Michigan State, Northern Illinois, Northwestern, Ohio)  @ Ypsilanti, Michigan

                    Edinboro vs Northwestern

                    Edinboro vs Northern Illinois

                    Edinboro vs Ohio

November 7th-Mountaineer Duals (Anderson, Appalachian State, CSU-Bakersfield, Davidson) @ Boone, North Carolina

November 7th-Cowboy Open (Northern Colorado, Wyoming)  @ Laramie, Wyoming

November 7th-Grand Canyon, South Dakota State, Virginia @ Minnesota

November 7th-San Francisco State @ Cal Poly

November 8th-Hokie Open (Columbia, Virginia Tech)  @ Blacksburg, Virginia

November 8th-Jon Kaloust Bearcat Open (Binghamton, Harvard, Lehigh, Princeton)  @ Binghamton, New York

November 8th-Mountaineer Duals (Arizona State, Campbell, Drexel, West Virginia) @ Morgantown, West Virginia

November 12th-Boise State, Midland @ Iowa State

November 12th-UW-Whitewater @ Wisconsin

November 13th-Bucknell @ Franklin & Marshall

November 13th-Drexel @ Cal Poly

November 13th-Lock Haven @ Penn State

November 13th-Northern Colorado @ Arizona State

November 13th-Virginia @ Ohio State

November 13th-Wyoming @ Air Force

November 14th-Bison Open (North Dakota State, South Dakota State) @ Fargo, North Dakota

November 14th-Harold Nichols Cyclone Open (Iowa State, South Dakota State)  @ Ames, Iowa

November 14th-Drexel @ Cal Poly

November 14th-Northern Colorado @ Grand Canyon

November 14th-Oklahoma State @ Iowa

November 15th-Michigan State Open (Appalachian State, Bucknell, Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin)  @ East Lansing, Michigan

November 15th-Roadrunner Open (Cal Poly, CSU-Bakersfield, Drexel, Edinboro) @ Fresno, California

November 15th-Journeyman/NE Duals (Army, Binghamton, Buffalo, Hofstra, LIU-Post, Lehigh, Lock Haven, Michigan, Minnesoa, NC State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Sacred Heart, West Virginia)  @ Troy, New York

                      Army vs NC State

                      Army vs LIU Post

                      Hofstra vs Lock Haven

                      Hofstra vs Michigan

                      Lehigh vs Minnesota

                      Lock Haven vs Nebraska

                      Lock Haven vs Buffalo

                      Michigan vs Sacred Heart

                      NC State vs Minnesota

                      Nebraska vs Lehigh

                      Oklahoma vs Army

                      Sacred Heart vs NC State

                      West Virginia vs Michigan

November 15th-Clarion @ Bloomsburg

November 15th-Old Dominion @ Virginia

November 15th-Penn State @ Virginia Tech

November 20th-Arizona State @ Ohio State

November 20th-Edinboro @ Clarion

November 20th-Iowa City Duals (Cornell College, Grand Canyon, Iowa, Iowa Central CC, Maryland)  @ Iowa City, Iowa

November 20th-Northern Colorado vs Oklahoma

November 20th-Pittsburgh @ Lehigh

November 20th-Purdue @ Bloomsburg

November 21st-Navy Classic (Bucknell, Navy, Princeton, Wisconsin)  @ Annapolis, Maryland

November 21st-New York State Collegiate Championships (Army, Binghamton, Columbia, Cornell)  @ Ithaca, New York

November 21st-Wolfpack Duals (NC State) @ Raleigh, North Carolina

November 21st-Old Dominion vs Cal Poly @ Gilroy, California

November 21st-Purdue, Shippensburg @ Lock Haven

November 21st-Virginia Tech @ South Dakota State

November 21st-Wyoming @ Nebraska

November 22nd-Mat Town Open (Lock Haven, Virginia) @ Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

November 22nd-Wolfpack Open (NC State) @ Raleigh, North Carolina

November 22nd-Keystone Classic (Appalachian State, Bloomsburg, Drexel, Harvard, Penn)  @ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 22nd-Edinboro @ Lehigh

November 22nd-Oklahoma @ Michigan

November 22nd-Virginia Tech @ North Dakota State

November 24th-Ohio State @ Cleveland State

November 27th-Oklahoma State @ South Dakota State

November 29th-Grapple at the Garden (Drexel, Nebraska, Princeton)  @ New York, New York

November 29th-Appalachian State @ North Carolina

November 29th-Iowa @ Iowa State

November 29th-Minnesota @ Oklahoma State

November 29th-Rider @ Clarion

December 2nd-Eastern Michigan @ Michigan State

December 3rd-Bloomsburg @ Edinboro

December 4th-Drexel @ Maryland

December 4th-NC State @ Appalachian State

December 4th-South Dakota State @ Iowa

December 4/5th-Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational (Army, Binghamton, Bucknell, Cal Poly, Columbia, Harvard, Iowa State, Michigan, Northern Colorado, Ohio State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin)  @ Las Vegas, Nevada

December 5th-PSAC Championships (Bloomsburg, Clarion, Edinboro, Lock Haven)  @  Erie, Pennsylvania

December 5th-Lehigh @ Rider

December 5th-Lehigh, Northwestern @ Princeton

December 6th-South Dakota Showcase (Augustana, Dakota Wesleyan, Northern State) @ South Dakota State

December 6th-Michigan State @ Central Michigan

December 6th-NC State @ Oklahoma State

December 10th-Michigan State @ Michigan

December 10th-Rutgers @ Iowa

December 11th-Navy @ Princeton

December 11th-Nebraska @ Maryland

December 11th-Wisconsin @ Pittsburgh

December 12th-Cleveland State Open (Cleveland State, Michigan State) @ Cleveland, Ohio

December 12th-Army @ North Carolina

December 12th-Lock Haven @ West Virginia

December 12th-Ohio State @ Missouri

December 12th-Wyoming @ Iowa State

December 13th-Clarion, Grand Canyon, NC State @ George Mason

December 13th-Edinboro @ Pittsburgh

December 13th-Nebraska @ Rutgers

December 13th-North Dakota State @ South Dakota State

December 13th-Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma

December 13th-Wisconsin @ Penn State

December 15th-Duke @ Appalachian State

December 17th-Bloomsburg, Messiah @ Lock Haven

December 18th-NC State @ Old Dominion

December 18th-Ohio State @ Northwestern

December 18th-Oklahoma State @ Wyoming

December 19th-Appalachian State, Buffalo @ Clarion

December 19th-Edinboro @ Cleveland State

December 19th-Gardner-Webb @ Bucknell

December 20th-Reno Tournament of Champions  @ Reno, Nevada

December 20th-Lehigh @ Oklahoma

December 29th-LHU Invitational (Clarion, Lock Haven)  @ Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

December 29/30th-Midlands Championships (Bloomsburg, Columbia, Harvard, Iowa, Iowa State, NC State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Princeton, South Dakota State, Wisconsin)  @ Evanston, Illinois

January 1/2nd-Southern Scuffle (Appalachian State, Army, Cal Poly, Chattanooga, Drexel, Edinboro, Lehigh, Michigan, Michigan State, Northern Colorado, Oklahoma State, Virginia, Wyoming)  @ Chattanooga, Tennessee

January 3rd-Bloomsburg, VMI @ Hofstra

January 3rd-Ohio State @ Illinois

January 3rd-Virginia Tech @ George Mason

January 5th-Embry-Riddle, Lock Haven @ Grand Canyon

January 6th-Appalachian State @ Campbell

January 6th-NC State @ Duke

January 7th-Oregon State @ Michigan

January 8/9th-Virginia Duals (Bucknell, Iowa State, Virginia Tech)  @ Hampton, Virginia

January 8th-Iowa @ Illinois

January 8th-Michigan State @ Rutgers

January 8th-Nebraska @ Wisconsin

January 8th-Princeton @ Binghamton

January 8th-Virginia vs VMI @ Richmond, Virginia

January 9th-Pitt Duals (Bloomsburg, Columbia, Duke, Edinboro, Harvard, Hofstra, NC State, North Carolina, Pittsburgh)  @  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

                              Bloomsburg vs Harvard

                              Edinboro vs Duke

                              Edinboro vs North Carolina

                              Harvard vs Duke

                              Harvard vs Edinboro

                              NC State vs Edinboro

January 9th-Cal Poly @ CSU-Bakersfield

January 9th-Navy @ Lehigh

January 9th-Oklahoma @ Wyoming

January 10th-Binghamton @ Army

January 10th-Iowa @ Northwestern

January 10th-Lehigh @ Penn

January 10th-Michigan @ Ohio State

January 10th-Michigan State @ Maryland

January 10th-Minnesota @ Nebraska

January 10th-SIU-Edwardsville @ Appalachian State

January 15th-Drexel @ Navy

January 15th-Harvard @ Cornell

January 15th-Illinois @ Michigan

January 15th-Iowa State @ Arizona State

January 15th-Nebraska @ Penn State

January 15th-Northern Iowa @ Virginia Tech

January 15th-Oklahoma @ Bucknell

January 15th-Oklahoma State @ West Virginia

January 15th-Purdue @ Michigan State

January 15th-South Dakota State @ Northern Colorado

January 15th-Wyoming @ Oregon State

January 16th-Binghamton, Buffalo @ Columbia

January 16th-Clarion @ Ohio

January 16th-George Mason @ Edinboro

January 16th-Hofstra @ Army

January 16th-Iowa @ Wisconsin

January 16th-Lehigh @ Franklin & Marshall

January 16th-Lock Haven @ Rider

January 16th-North Carolina @ Virginia Tech

January 17th-Binghamton @ Hofstra

January 17th-Brown @ Columbia

January 17th-Drexel @ American

January 17th-Duke @ Cal Poly

January 17th-Michigan State @ Illinois

January 17th-Nebraska @ Ohio State

January 17th-North Dakota State @ Northern Colorado

January 17th-Oklahoma State @ Pittsburgh

January 17th-Penn @ Army

January 17th-Virginia @ NC State

January 17th-Wyoming @ Boise State

January 20th-Appalachian State @ The Citadel

January 21st-Lock Haven @ Bucknell

January 22nd-Binghamton @ Drexel

January 22nd-Cal Poly @ Northern Colorado

January 22nd-Central Michigan @ Michigan

January 22nd-Cleveland State @ Clarion

January 22nd-CSU-Bakersfield @ South Dakota State

January 22nd-Duke @ Virginia

January 22nd-Indiana @ Michigan State

January 22nd-Iowa State @ Oklahoma

January 22nd-Lock Haven @ George Mason

January 22nd-Missouri @ Oklahoma State

January 22nd-Purdue @ Iowa

January 22nd-Wisconsin @ Rutgers

January 23rd-Army @ Drexel

January 23rd-Brown, Harvard @ Bucknell

January 23rd-Cal Poly @ Wyoming

January 23rd-Lehigh @ Cornell

January 23rd-Rider @ Edinboro

January 24th-Air Force @ South Dakota State

January 24th-Binghamton @ Penn

January 24th-Brown @ Bloomsburg

January 24th-Clarion, Columbia, Sacred Heart @ Hofstra

January 24th-Harvard @ Franklin & Marshall

January 24th-Indiana @ Michigan

January 24th-Iowa @ Nebraska

January 24th-Iowa State @ Oklahoma State

January 24th-Michigan State vs Ohio State @ Cleveland, Ohio

January 24th-Virginia @ Pittsburgh

January 24th-Wisconsin @ Maryland

January 25th-North Carolina @ NC State

January 26th-Appalachian State @ Gardner-Webb

January 29th-Bloomsburg @ Rider

January 29th-Lock Haven @ Clarion

January 29th-Harvard @ Columbia

January 29th-Northern Colorado @ Boise State

January 29th-Northwestern @ Michigan

January 29th-Ohio State @ Indiana

January 29th-West Virginia @ Virginia Tech

January 29th-Wyoming @ South Dakota State

January 29th-All-Academy Championshps (Army, VMI)  @ Lexington, Virginia

January 30th-Franklin & Marshall, Penn @ Princeton

January 30th-Grand Canyon @ Cal Poly

January 30th-Minnesota @ Iowa

January 30th-NC State @ Pittsburgh

January 31st-American Duals (American, Columbia)  @ Washington DC

January 31st-Bloomsburg @ Bucknell

January 31st-Central Michigan @ Iowa State

January 31st-Cleveland State @ Lock Haven

January 31st-Illinois @ Wisconsin

January 31st-Michigan @ Penn State

January 31st-NC State @ West Virginia

January 31st-Northern Colorado @ Oregon State

January 31st-Northwestern @ Michigan State

January 31st-Ohio State @ Purdue

January 31st-Princeton @ Rutgers

January 31st-Sacred Heart @ Binghamton

January 31st-Virginia Tech @ Virginia

January 31st-Wyoming @ North Dakota State

February 4th-Edinboro @ Lock Haven

February 5th-American @ Binghamton

February 5th-Appalachian State @ Chattanooga

February 5th-Clarion @ West Virginia

February 5th-Illinois @ Nebraska

February 5th-Indiana @ Iowa

February 5th-Iowa State @ Northern Iowa

February 5th-Michigan @ Maryland

February 5th-Northern Colorado @ Wyoming

February 5th-Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

February 5th-Oregon State @ Cal Poly

February 5th-Rider @ Drexel

February 5th-South Dakota State @ Utah Valle

February 5th-Virginia Tech @ Pittsburgh

February 6th-Edinboro Open (Edinboro, Lock Haven)  @ Edinboro, Pennsylvania

February 6th-American @ Lehigh

February 6th-Bloomsburg @ George Mason

February 6th-Columbia @ Cornell

February 6th-Franklin & Marshall @ Drexel

February 6th-NC State @ Nebraska

February 6th-North Carolina @ Virginia

February 6th-Penn, Princeton @ Harvard

February 7th-Bucknell @ Sacred Heart

February 7th-Michigan @ Rutgers

February 7th-Minnesota @ Wisconsin

February 7th-Ohio State @ Penn State

February 7th-Oklahoma State @ Cornell

February 7th-Princeton @ Brown

February 7th-Princeton @ Sacred Heart

February 7th-South Dakota State @ Boise State

February 7th-Virginia Tech @ Edinboro

February 11th-VMI @ Appalachian State

February 12th-Army @ Oklahoma State

February 12th-Binghamton @ Buffalo

February 12th-Drexel @ Sacred Heart

February 12th-Lehigh @ Penn State

February 12th-Michigan State @ Lock Haven

February 12th-Missouri @ Appalachian State

February 12th-Northwestern @ Nebraska

February 12th-Purdue @ Michigan

February 12th-Virginia Tech @ NC State

February 12th-West Virginia @ South Dakota State

February 12th-Wisconsin @ Ohio State

February 13th-Brown @ Binghamton

February 13th-Bucknell @ American

February 13th-Bucknell @ George Mason

February 13th-Cal Poly @ Arizona State

February 13th-Central Michigan, Edinboro @ Kent State

February 13th-Columbia, Cornell @ Princeton

February 13th-Michigan State @ Penn State

February 13th-Sacred Heart @ Bloomsburg

February 13th-Utah Valley @ Wyoming

February 13th-Virginia Tech @ Duke

February 14th-Bloomsburg @ Lehigh

February 14th-Boise State @ Cal Poly

February 14th-Bucknell, Columbia @ Penn

February 14th-Chattanooga @ Virginia

February 14th-Drexel @ Hofstra

February 14th-Harvard, Rhode Island College @ Brown

February 14th-Missouri @ NC State

February 14th-South Dakota State @ Oklahoma

February 14th-Stanford @ Oklahoma State

February 14th-West Virginia @ Iowa State

February 17th-Air Force @ Northern Colorado

February 18th-Rider @ Princeton

February 18th-Wisconsin @ Central Michigan

February 19th-Bucknell @ Binghamton

February 19th-Drexel @ Rutgers

February 19th-Hofstra @ Harvard

February 19th-Michigan State @ Cleveland State

February 19th-North Carolina @ Oklahoma State

February 20th-Army vs Nay

February 20th-Bucknell @ Columbia

February 20th-Penn @ Drexel

February 21st-Appalachian State @ Ohio

February 21st-Cleveland State @ Bloomsburg

February 21st-Iowa State @ Minnesota

February 21st-Pittsburgh @ Clarion

February 21st-South Dakota State @ North Dakota State

February 21st-West Virginia @ Edinboro

February 27th-Pac 12 Championships @ Tempe, Arizona

March 4/5th-EIWA Championships  @ Princeton, New Jersey

March 5th-ACC Championships  @  Charlottesville, Virginia

March 5th-EWL Championships  @  Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

March 5th-SoCon Championships @ Asheville, North Carolina

March 5/6th-Big Ten Championships  @  Iowa City, Iowa

March 5/6th-Big 12 Championships @ Kansas City, Missouri

March 17-19th-NCAA Championships  @  New York, New York